Our motivation is simple – we want to help people.  Yes, we are Christians, and we do not hide that fact.  But our intent for this conference is not to proselytize, it’s not to make money, but to humbly serve those in our community.

Speaker List

We have a collection of knowledge and experience that can be helpful to many parents who have never homeschooled before, and we want to share it with you.  Our speakers and panelists have or are currently homeschooling their children.  Their backgrounds are varied – some attended traditional school, others were homeschooled themselves.  Their collective perspectives and expertise will provide a wealth of practical insight to new or first-time homeschool parents to help you navigate what can feel like a daunting task.

Entrepreneur, Author, Pastor, Husband, Father

Dan Horn

Dan and his wife Kendra homeschooled their three, now adult, children and he has spoken extensively on homeschooling. He and his family started and operate Discerning History, which produces articles, videos, and curriculum for high school students through adults.  He has been the president of Datatek, Inc., a small software firm, for more than twenty-five years. Dan is an elder at Reformation Baptist Church in Wake Forest, NC, and has written several books on theology.  Dan received his degrees in computer science and physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother

Kendra Horn

Kendra and her husband Dan homeschooled their three, now adult, children. She served in the Leaders of Home Educators Association of Roxboro, NC from 2002-2007 and still works in a variety of roles operating Discerning History. She is actively involved in mentoring women according to Titus 2:3-5, including child training and homeschooling. Kendra co-founded Datatek, Inc. with her husband Dan in 1992, and holds a B.S. in computer science from NC State University.

Manager, Professor, Husband, Father

Jonathan Sides

Jonathan is a homeschool graduate and he and his wife Meghan homeschool their five children (but the one on the way is not currently homeschooled).  He graduated with B.S. (biochemistry) and M.A. (philosophy) degrees from Virginia Tech and previously taught logic and epistemology courses at Duke University.  He is the operations manager at a structural engineering firm in Raleigh, NC.

Sales, Husband, Father

Charles Churchill

Charles is a second-generation homeschooler who also attended private school for a large portion of his education. He did not attend college but instead trained and served with an international disaster relief organization, specializing in paramedic medicine and emergency response. He is a father of nine children, all of whom are homeschooled. He works as an Account Executive and Delivery Manager for a boutique tech company providing automated programming language conversions and system migrations to Fortune 500 and 1000 clients.

Computer Programmer, Writer, Husband, Father

Joshua Horn

Joshua is a homeschool graduate. Being homeschooled for all his school years gave him opportunities that few of his public school peers had. His parents nurtured his interest in history which enabled him to lead history tours around the world and write scripts for a number of different historical documentary series. He was blessed to be able to learn marketable skills while being homeschooled, and continues to work in the same field today, as a computer programmer at a small software company. He has a bachelor’s degree in history. He and his wife Andrea have three young children, and are expecting a fourth.

Musician, Wife, Mother

Andrea Horn

Andrea grew up living across four different continents before finally settling in Youngsville, NC. She was thankful to be homeschooled by her parents for her entire schooling. She is married to Joshua, and has three young children, who they have begun homeschooling, and another baby on the way. In her free time she enjoys painting and playing several instruments.

Wife,  Mother, Environmental Consultant

Sarah Young

Sarah grew up in Raleigh and was educated in the Wake County public school system. She and her husband Chris have been blessed with four children, all of whom are homeschooled. She earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from NC State University and worked as an environmental consultant for one of the nation’s largest engineering design companies. She resigned her position shortly before the birth of her first child so she could devote her time and energy to her family.